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Business Meeting

How appealing would it be to exchange your tenants for tenants such as Kroger, CVS, Tractor Supply, Dollar General,
or Hobby Lobby, for example?

We have access to necessity-based retail portfolios with investment grade tenants assigned to long term leases. Industrial and warehouse is a growing sector in real estate, with tenants like Amazon. Medical office is a growing sector with the boomers aging, with tenants such as Fresenius and BioLife. There will always be a demand for housing and multi-family offerings. Senior and student housing projects, and self storage are growing sectors.

Inventory of approved offerings is constantly changing. Many offerings are fully reserved within 24-72 hours of being approved for distribution to the public. Rather than bombarding you with outdated or expired offering memorandums, Legacy 1031 will send you an email with information we would recommend, and inform you of potential offerings that will be available in the future, up to the end of your 45 day identification.

In order for us to send offerings that are consistent with your goals, timelines, etc., it is best to have an introductory call, that will provide the information needed to formulate options that satisfy your objectives, meets your income requirements, and is consistent with your tolerance for risk. 

Legacy 1031 will communicate with you on your terms - in a way you are most comfortable with: email, text, or zoom calls are all available. Let us know what best works for you!

Please be informed that these offerings are only available to "accredited investors."  To be considered accredited, one must have a net worth of $1,000,000.00 excluding the value of one's primary residence, or have an income of at least $200,000 for the previous 2 years, or $300,000 if married, with the expectation to earn that in the future.



*Company names listed are for illustration purposes only in order to show examples of the types of tenants that may lease properties from a sponsor. There is no guarantee a sponsor will be successful leasing its property(ies) to these or similar entities in the future.

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