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About Legacy 1031

Legacy 1031 provides replacement property options for clients seeking to defer taxes using a 1031 or 1033 exchange, but my team can provide much more! With 28 plus years in the securities business, I have seen how volatility affects real estate – not just stocks and bonds. Those experiences, both at a professional and personal level, have helped shape my investment philosophies that guide my practice today. It is why due diligence is so important in providing suitable recommendations.

The Delaware Statutory Trust, or "DST", is a real estate security that has been available for decades, yet it amazes me that so few professional and real estate investors are familiar with this option. The DST enables clients to be invested in institutional sized, institutionally financed (at terms more competitive than available to individuals), and institutionally managed real estate. This creates an opportunity to help diversify their real estate holdings by investing in property they wouldn't have access to on their own.

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Legacy 1031!

Welcome, and I'm glad you're here.
You've more than likely been referred by a qualified intermediary (QI), an Exchange Accommodator,
a CPA, or real estate attorney - where most of my business comes from. Legacy 1031 provides replacement property options for clients seeking to defer takes using a 1031 or 1033 exchange.

We work with clients to find suitable and tailored solutions that seek to meet their financial goals.

Desire to keep their money working for them instead of paying capital gains taxes (15-20%), depreciation recapture (25%), the Obama Health Care Tax (3.8%), and state taxes (0-13.2%).

A desire to streamline their lives, enjoy retirement, and free up time to pursue other interests – by creating passive income stream potential without all the burdens of property management.

A monthly income stream potential.

The potential to diversify their real estate holdings much more effectively and efficiently than they could accomplish on their own.

Relieving a spouse or children of management and ownership responsibilities in the unplanned or untimely occurrence of a disability, dementia, or death.

I only work with accredited investors. To be considered an accredited investor, one must have a net worth of at least $1,000,000 excluding the value of one's primary residence, or have income at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year.

Covid has affected how business is done today. Although I prefer meeting with clients, I can do zoom calls, text, or email - whatever you prefer. I know we can work together to create a tailored and suitable strategy for your situation.

Whether you have an interest in doing an exchange, or are considering capital gains tax deferral with opportunity zone funds, or are seeking private alternative real estate offerings, I can assist you with options. Having options to choose from will help solidify the final decisions you make.

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